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The Stones Speak

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The Stones Speak - Synopsis

The Stones Speak - 1st 10 Pages

Entire Screenplay Available

Based on a novel that is a finalist in the 2009 New Mexico Book Awards for fiction, this is the story of a successful, attractive, professional woman in her 60s, who is forced to face the life-changing consequences of a painful decision she made in her 20s. As a result, she learns to understand the power of friendship, intimacy and honesty in a friendship with another woman and in relationship with a new man in her life.

Can be filmed entirely in New Mexico. Screenplay is based on the novel, The Stones Speak, by playright, novelist, and Santa Fe resident Nancy King. The novel was published in 2009 by Atelier Books, Santa Fe, New Mexico. More information or buy the book. Other books by Nancy King.


A Christmas Tale

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Silverbell - Synopsis

Silverbell - 1st 10 Pages

Entire Screenplay Available

A magical horse takes a lonely little girl on an adventure that brings joy to her life and ultimately to the people of Santa Fe. Life-action and animation can be completed in New Mexico.

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